Saturday, January 24, 2009

Unexpected Holidays!

The word Holiday has always been associated with long hours of sleep, fun filled afternoons and evenings with friends, lovely mom made food , outings and just about everything you can to have a blast!

Ever since I was a child I have always been so looking forward to holidays - be it Summer, Diwali or Chirstmas. It meant I could go a few more hours to my dance classes, talk to my best friend for hours together after class without worrying about homework (although my school did give vacation homework - I managed to finish it before the vacation actually began), wake up late (which ment 8 o'clock instead of 7 due my dad who could not wait to wake me up every morning) and having great food. But these predetermined , planned weeks of vacation were not as exciting as the single day breaks that we got due to unexpected rainfall, elections, or (sorry to sound cynical) even a politician's death. It was always fun. It meant one whole day of lazing around after expecting a day full of "Hardship!"

These unexpected holidays were even more entertaining as I entered college. It meant playing Counter-Strike whole day long with friends, discussing for hours together where would the gang eat in evening, and go for a movie in the last show possible.

Today however, these unexpected Holidays are not enjoyable. They are more stressful than anything else I have ever experienced. The reason being -- "Will I receive my EAD on time? Will I lose my job? If I do, Will I get a job before the last date for H1 filing ?". The US Government agency working on my EAD application has somehow shortlisted my application to "demostrate the effect of delay in the procedure". They need more information from me before further processing my application. But this is preventing me from reporting to my Job !!

Gosh! How I hope these Unexpected Holidays were as funfilled as they used to be all my life! Memorable though they still will be!


Raxit said...

Dear Sis i can understand ur worry and feel ur anxiety filled with the pinch of tension but dont worry u will soon get ur EAD card...
keep patience and faith...

nirwa said...

Hi, Mamta! :) Remember me!? :) Hopped on to your blog quite unexpectantly! :) And must say, it's an interesting read - way different from how it was in school... :)

I would've left a linkback to my own blog (i've been addicted to blogging for over 5 years now! hehe) but then.. ;-)

Anyway.. nice reading.. and honestly, great going! Since I've known you in school, this shows a different aspect.. :)

And don't give up! :) Always remember, tough times never last, tough people do.. :)

Lets catch up on gtalk sometime.. :) you could add me on nirwamehta at gmail dot com.. :-)